Survivor Rupert Boneham Gives Back To The Community

Indianapolis is recognized for the Greatest Spectacle In Racing; The Indianapolis 500. In addition to world-class sporting events, Indianapolis is also home to some of the finest museums and cultural events, and popular stars like David Letterman, Jane Paula, and of course, who could forget Rupert, who competed in the reality base series “Survivor Pearl Island” and “Survivor All Star Australia.”

Rupert Boneham calls Indianapolis, Indiana home, and was on hand for the spectacular finish of the Indianapolis 500 in May. Although Rupert never won Survivor, he did win the hearts of millions of viewers, who voted him as most likable by the public, which won him a million anyway. It really says a lot about someone who wins a million dollars for being likable. I had the pleasure of meeting Rupert twice, and truly understand why he did indeed win a million dollars. He is one of the most personable and kindhearted people I’ve met, who uses that same positive energy we watched on Survivor Pearl Island and Survivor All Star to help others.

Helping Indiana’s Kids

Rupert is dedicated to helping troubled teens, and through his nonprofit organization, Rupert’s Kid, Inc. and Rupert’s Kids Club he is empowering youth to overcome obstacles and their build self-confidence through mentoring and educational programs, in addition to the rehabilitation of housing for low-income families. He also has helped by going to places where volunteer workers are giving a helping hand for the Indy’s elderly. You know when Rupert’s going to be there … so are his fans and that helps to get the job done. He also is frequently asked to attend some of Indy’s major events and when he arrives you can’t help but notice he has made a difference here in Indy and is still loved by his many fans.

By Judy Worley

Learn More Rupert’s Kids:

Fans of Rupert can find him around town supporting the community at activities like his annual Fund-Raiser for Rupert’s Kids. Additional events schedules can be found .

To find out more and support the Rupert’s Kids Club visit: Your support helps continue the mission to teach life skills to youth who are deemed at risk through rehabbing old houses.

Donations of building tools and materials are a tremendous help. For information call 1-888-662-9275. Donations in the form of Check or Money Order may be sent to: Rupert’s Kids, 4701 N. Keystone Avenue, Suite 150, Indianapolis, IN 46205 or visit