Refreshing and Beautiful Skin With Predire Paris


With a calming, earthy scent, Argan Oil has become part of my daily routine thanks to my husband, Leroy. It was a surprise when he purchased a collection of Predire Paris products for my birthday.

Created with Argan Oil, which is known as Liquid Gold, the oil is well known for promoting healthier skin. I enjoy the earth scent of the soap, and the lotion make my skin feel silky. I’ve found it easy to use the gentle facial scrub with the foam cleanser, and then apply to facial lotion. The results have been smoother, supple skin.

Once a week I use the body scrub, which is especially nice after a day out in the heat and humidity. The gentle salt scrub cleanse your skin and leaves your body feeling so smooth. After a shower apply the Argan Oil lotion and you’re silky, smooth from head to toe.

In fact, I’ve used the Argan Oil on my hair and it feels much softer and healthier than using traditional conditioners. I just poured off the excess oil from the body scrub and placed it in a separate jar. The nice thing is that it doesn’t take very much – just pour a little oil in your palms, rub them together, and work it into your hair.

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The professionals at Predire Paris continue to develop products designed to promote healthier skin. The company is well known for its innovations in skin care in salons and homes across Europe. To explore the full collection of products available visit the Predire Paris website.