Armpocket Ultimate Armbands Are A Eco-friendly Carrying Solution For Active Lifestyles

Armpocket Ultimate Armbands Are A Eco-friendly Carrying Solutions For Active LifestylesWe love to travel, and there are times when I’d rather not carry a backpack or purse. On these occasions, I stuff my ID and any other necessities in my pockets. Now, I have another option when we’re on the go; Armpocket’s Ultimate Armbands.

This handy little pocket is perfect for carrying ID, as well as our phone. Not only is it ideal for traveling, it’s also great for walking, jogging, or running. Inside, you can store your keys, credit cards, a snack, and even a mp3 player.

I’ve found ours helpful for holding our small camera as well. This was especially great on a trip to amusement park when we wanted to ride a coaster. Normally, I’d have to place our backpack in a locker; no need this time because I have everything secured in our Armpocket.

One of the wonderful things about the Armpocket is the ability to access your phones features with the large touch-through window. This is also allows you to change the tunes on your media player as well. And, the Armpocket is created from recycled materials, which makes it a eco-friendly alternative for caring everything you need.

With vibrant colors, a number of designs, and sizes, you can find a Armpocket to suit your individual style and needs. It also makes a great gift for active friends and family, and is available at many local retail stores nationwide. And, it is water-resistant, which is very helpful for protecting your phone, camera, or other electronics if you’re caught in a storm as we have been.

Armpocket products were recently tested by National Technical Systems (NTS) to determine performance characteristics when subjected to conditions established by MIL-STD-810G, the most commonly utilized standard for environmental testing for military products. Armpocket’s armbands exceeded the rigorous criteria for protection against damage, life-cycle wear, ruggedness, and durability. The additional water-proof testing also revealed that Armpocket achieved an exceptional water-ingress rating of IPX-4: weather, sweat, mud, and splash-proof certification and drop test certified to 6 feet. These test prove what we’ve known all along; Armpocket Armbands are reliable and fashionable accessories for every lifestyle!

By Melody Schubert

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