Gen Con IS The Best Four Days in Gaming

Gen Con IS The Best Four Days in GamingYou’ll know it the moment you walk into the convention center and check out the full schedule of events. For die hard fans and gamers, the action continues around the clock with events taking place around Indy. Each year my brother and I attend is unique, with more and more to experience. Throughout the weekend we’ve spotted our favorite super heros, and anime characters, as well as run into fans from everywhere, who are just as all thrilled as we are to join this amazing weekend of gaming.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon

One thing that draws us back each year is the chance to be among the first to test out new games like the miniatures board game Mythic Battles: Pantheon, that makes its North American debut at Gen Con August 4 – 7, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN.

Imagine playing a famous god of Greek mythology, who assembles warriors, and then you’ll lead your troops into battle. “After more than a year in development and extensive playtests in Europe, we can’t wait to bring Mythic Battles: Pantheon to the states,” says Léonidas Vesperini, project manager of Mythic Games. “With more than 60,000 attendees who are passionate about tabletop games, Gen Con is the perfect place for Mythic Battles: Pantheon to make its North American debut.”

As a Gen Con attendee you get to experience Mythic Battles: Pantheon before it launches on Kickstarter this fall, and look for it in your favorite gaming store next year. To check upcoming news and register for exclusive promotions use this link –

The Refuge: A Race for Survival

Our friends at B&B Games Studio have been hard at work on their new board games; The Refuge: A Race for Survival. If you love zombies, then check out The Refuge that is a survival strategy board game that is ideal for 2-6 players ages 13 and up with a games taking around 30-45 minutes.

No one really knows what happened or how the wars broke out, but the end result was the transformation of people into the undead. Is this the end of humanity? Find out by playing The Refuge: A Race for Survival. Find out more about The Refuge and gaming events by visiting

Greenbrier Games

For intense action and endless team combinations, play Greenbrier Games – ‘A.E.G.I.S. – Combining Robot Strategy Game’ teams of five combining robots to face off against each other in combat. There are over 60 different robots in five different Classes (Assault, Evasive, Guard, Intel, Support), and finding the right strategy and combos are the keys to victory! Visit their website for the latest news on this and other games by Greenbrier Games.

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest and Marvel Puzzle Quest

Along with new gaming options, you’ll find there’s plenty of classic games still thrilling fans. Take Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest and Marvel Puzzle Quest, which will entertain fans at Gen Con. As always, Gen Con team members will be on hand to walk you through gameplay and discuss upcoming in-game events. Fans will also have the opportunity to earn in-game currency for the games at the booth via a free raffle for attendees only.

Each year, Gen Con grows bigger, and breaks new records. We’ve been coming to this gaming event for years and we always find something new and exciting to experience. We talked to many of you, and Josh and I heard how much you enjoy Gen Con. And, we all agree that no matter how old you are, you’ll discover endless opportunities for gaming and fun throughout the Best Four Days In Gaming!

By Eric Worley and Josh Schubert