Great Places to Celebrate Sukkot Around the World

Great Places to Celebrate Sukkot Around the WorldSukkot is a Jewish festival that starts on Tishri 15, which is the fifth day following Yom Kippur. It’s the transition from a solemn holiday to one that’s joyful, and, in Jewish literature and prayer, Sukkot is even referred to as the Season of Our Rejoicing. The last of the three pilgrimage festivals, Sukkot has both agricultural and historical significance, and there are many great places where you can celebrate this festival around the world, especially if you embrace Sukkot travel with the help of Leisure Time Tours.

If you’re in search of a fantastic place to celebrate this wonderful holiday, keep reading to learn about a few of the best places on the planet where you can take in all that this great celebration has to offer.

Sicily, Italy

If you are in search of a 5-star luxury vacation for your Sukkot celebration, look no further than one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet: Sicily. You can find Kosher vacation programs that will ensure you can celebrate Sukkot while also taking in the sights and sounds of this unique island.

This is also an ideal destination because the weather is perfectly warm and comfortable in October, while the temperature drops in other parts of the globe, making outdoor celebrations difficult, if not impossible, during this important Jewish festival. Consider staying at a luxury resort for ultimate comfort and the best amenities during your trip.

Los Angeles, California

In the United States, there are many large cities in New York, as well as in Florida and California, where Jewish people come together to celebrate Sukkot. For example, you can head to the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California to celebrate Sukkot with other Jewish families.

Entertainment includes singers, dancers, and activities such as building race cars that are solar powered, making sukkah decorations, belly dancing, and enjoying delicious cuisine. You can enjoy this annual event with family and friends, as well as other families from around the globe.

Aden, Yemen

Aden is a popular port city that is located in Yemen, and it is also located on the Red Sea. If you are in search of a truly authentic Sukkot, you can visit this city to celebrate. During the holiday, the Jewish quarter of this city comes alive and transforms into what appears like a giant green garden. Beautiful decorations are hung, and fruits that include pomegranates and apples are also hung, so the air is filled with a naturally pleasant aroma.

The Jews in this part of the world enjoy sitting and enjoying their meals for a long time. Their meals are accompanied by melodies and songs of celebration, and when night falls, Sukkot come alive with color and light with the help of lovely glass lamps that shine brilliantly.

Celebrating Sukkot around the world is easy, as there are so many destinations to choose from, so you can not only celebrate your religion, but also enjoy a vacation at the same time in a place that you’ve never been to before.