Q Knots Are A Must-Have Reusable Ties For Bundling Everyday Objects And More

The Original Q Knot from UT Wire is the reusable zip tie that makes for easy organization while traveling!

Whether you travel a lot or are just organizing stuff around the house there’s always a need to tie back cords and loose ends. We’ve used numerous types of zip ties that come in handy for things we do not need to move around. Then there are those moments when taking a zip tie apart is impossible without destroying it. Now, there’s another option to keep items and cords together; Q-Knots, which was awarded the distinguished IF Design Award out of 2,000 products for its innovative design.

The Original Q Knot from UT Wire is the reusable zip tie that makes for easy organization while traveling! The Q Knot is made of rubber, and is perfect because it has plenty of stretch and durability to be used for a variety of tasks. We’ve packed the Q Knot is our travel bag so when we need to bundle small items together while on the road we can save time by having everything organized. They also help prevent losing items, and are ideal for keeping chargers nicely bound and out of the way, or even to keep bags sealed.

Unlike rubber bands or plastic zip ties, the Q Knot is simple to release; no more cutting or trouble releasing our items. The Q Knot comes in three colors that makes it easier to grab which one you need when you’re in a hurry. They are a handy addition to keep around in the kitchen, craft room, kids’ play areas, and other rooms in your home. The Q Knot is also nice for tying up long dog leases or toys we take with us on the road for our pets too!

Among the practical uses for the Q Knot’s include sealing plastic food bags so the contents stay fresh longer, keeping portable electronic devices tangle free in bags, purses and suitcases. Another great use for the Q Knot’s are organizing indoor and outdoor holiday light sets, which can be a challenge to keep untangled.

There’s also a Q Knot Pro that takes the awarding-winning design of the Original to the next level with new slanted triangular teeth that make it grip harder for heavy-duty tasks. Available in understated neutral colors, the Q Knot Pro is ideal for keep in the garage, workspaces, gardens and tool sheds.

Based in Anaheim, California, UT Wire™ provides simple and innovative ways to organize messy and tangled cables and cords. All of UT Wire’s products are designed for the everyday D.I.Y. users. None of the products in the line require fancy installation tools, intricate parts or the following of complicated instructions. Just simple products like the Q Knot to keep cords organized, the hassle-free way.

Sold in packages of 12 and 25 for under $10, the Q Knot Original makes a great gift or tool to have around the house or in your carry-all. We like that they can be found at local retailers like Home Depot stores, Orchard Supply Hardware, Menards, The Container Store, Crate & Barrel, Storables, CVS, Rite Aid and Amazon.com.

By Melody Schubert

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