Fun At Daytona’s Museum of Arts and Sciences

Fun At The Museum of Arts and Sciences

Just a short distance from the Daytona International Speedway is the Museum of Arts and Sciences, which offers free admission on the first Tuesday of each month. The Museum of Arts and Sciences combines the best of both arts and science with intriguing hands-on activities and beautiful exhibits. And, they host many fun events like the annual Oktoberfest and more events to enjoy on your visit.

On one side you can explore the Center for Florida History that features interactive experiences, exhibitions, and objects to tell the story of Florida’s history and culture from prehistoric times to present. My favorite exhibit is the amazing 13-foot tall skeleton of the Eremotherium laurilardi or Giant Ground Sloth, excavated in 1975 in an important Pleistocene fossil site called the Daytona Bone Bed. We had no idea how huge and impressive this Giant Ground Sloth was until we stepped around the corner and came face to face with it! Current exhibits include one on dinosaurs, which is great for families, and reveals more than we ever imagined about these prehistoric creatures.

The exhibit of Arts at the Museum of Arts and Sciences is equally impressive. Beautiful and thought provoking sculptures and paintings invoke a sense of awe as you explore the collection. As you explore the Museum of Arts and Sciences you are inspired to learn more and unleash the artist within.

The Museum of Arts and Sciences host many events and special programs for guests to enjoy throughout the year, including Laser Concert Shows. While in Daytona, plan to visit the museum at night to view the heavens above and the planetarium. One of the programs we enjoyed was called More Than Meets the Eye, which is a 30-minute program that features the planets, brighter stars, nebulae, and galaxies that can be easily be viewed using you eyes, binoculars, and small telescopes.

The Museum of Arts and Sciences is one place not to miss on your trip to Daytona! 

By Melody Schubert

Plan Your Trip:

The Museum of Arts and Sciences is located at 352 S. Nova Road in Daytona Beach, Florida. Museum Hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm, and Sunday from 11 am – 5 pm. To find out more about upcoming exhibits and special events visit or 386.255.0285.