Red Bull Air Race Takes Over IMS

Red Bull Air Race Takes Over IMSRacing is back at IMS. Yet, it’s not on the oval track – it’s above it as the Red Bull Air Race takes over this famous raceway for a weekend of high flying thrills. You just can’t believe these planes can make such extreme moves until you see it for yourself. And, while it’s overcast, it hasn’t stopped the excitement of Red Bull Air Race. American pilot’s Kirby Chambliss, Michael Goulian and Kevin Coleman are well prepared to take on the rest of the world’s pilot’s in this battle for the prize. There’s still time to come out to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend to find out who takes the prize!

Sunday’s Update:

This is among the world’s most elite race, in which pilots from around the world battle to become the Red Bull Air Race World Champion. This race takes place with eight races across four continents, where pilots navigate an aerial racetrack featuring air-filled pylons in the fastest possible time while incurring as few penalties as possible.

The Indianapolis 500 just celebrate 100 years of racing, and now they’re are bring race fans a new thrill – the Red Bull Air Race. This is the most highly anticipated stop of the 2016 Red Bull Air Race calendar, and is a jam-packed weekend of racing action. Like other racer’s, the pilot’s in this race want to win, and two men are locked in a battle for the overall crown with only two races to go.

For Germany’s Matthias Dolderer, who leads the standings, the stakes have never been higher. A victory in Indianapolis would clinch the first world championship of his Red Bull Air Race career – and the first for his nation – but anything less could leave the door open for Australia’s Matt Hall to steal the title when the season concludes two weeks later in Las Vegas. Hall is the only pilot with a chance to catch the German, and the Aussie is on a roll, coming off back-to-back wins. Yet Dolderer hasn’t crumbled, snapping up second place at both of those races.

The three North Americans in the lineup also have something to prove. Two-time titleholder Kirby Chambliss of Arizona is one of the favorites for the world championship podium this year, while Michael Goulian of Massachusetts and Pete McLeod of Ontario, Canada will be eager to shine in what for them is the closest thing to a home race this season. Meanwhile, another proud U.S. native, Kevin Coleman, will be contending in the Challenger Class race for promising young pilots.

An official U.S. National Historic Site and the world’s first speedway, the 2.5-mile racetrack known as The Brickyard has long been a mecca for motorsports of all kinds, from the iconic Indianapolis 500 to NASCAR, Formula 1 and MotoGP. While aviation was part of its heritage from the start – the speedway first opened to the public with balloon races in 1909, and the Wright Brothers headlined an aviation show and competition there in 1910 – the “Racing Capital of the World” has never seen anything like the ultimate motorsport series in the sky, where race planes dart around 82-foot pylons at 230 miles per hour.

And The Winner Is…

Everyone anticipated a heated race between the leaders, and it was Matthias Dolderer of Germany who pulled out the win in the end!

Check out this video:

Poland’s Luke Czepiela became the latest first time winner in the Challenger Cup. Melanie Astles had every reason to smile as well. She finished second, the best result of her debut season and her first podium. Ben Murphy claimed his second successive podium finish.

With this year’s race at IMS wrapped up we look forward to the return of the absolutely thrilling Red Bull Air Race World Championship’s to Indianapolis next year!

By Melody Schubert & Leroy Worley

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Photo and Video Credits: IMS/Red Bull Air Race