Protect Your ID, Credit, and Debt Cards With Signal Vault

Protect Your ID, Credit, and Debt Cards With Signal VaultIf you’ve paid attention to the news you may have heard about thieves skimming credit cards at ATM’s and at gas station pumps. These thieves are smart, and some can even snatch your credit card information from your wallet. To help block thieves Signal Vault offers credit card-sized security to keep your your funds safe and secure from identity theft.

SignalVault uses a simple approach to protecting your valuable information – simply place it in your wallet behind your credit and debit cards. It gives us peace of mind to know that with the E-field technology a shield created in front of your cards; instantly lower our risk of identity theft. Why is this important? Because the E-field technology helps significantly reduce the ability of RFID scanners being able to snatch your credit card and personal information.

Among The Key Features Of Signal Vault Are:

The E-Field Technology does not require batteries, charging or activation. And, has independently been tested by N.T.S. (formerly Qualtest, Inc.) and passed all testing for RFID blocking and signal protection.

It fits in any wallet and keeps your information invisible to hackers.

It is ideal every trip; from business and leisure travel or a casual night out on the town; you’re protected with Signal Vault.

More than 350,000 consumers worldwide are using Signal Vault to protect their debit cards, credit cards, and personal information.

Our biggest concern was traveling to Tourist area’s like Orlando, where there are so many people and potential threats for identity theft. We can be observant of our environments when using a ATM, and take other steps to protect ourselves when traveling, and having Signal Vault shielding our credit cards provided a extra layer of security. This takes the worry out of traveling and let’s us enjoy more of our recent vacation at Disney!

SignalVault offers several options for protection, including a 2-Pack Credit and Debit Card Protector,  a TravelVault RFID Passport Case, as well as a Travel Pack, available in black or pink. For news on the threat of identity theft and more on SignalVault products available visit their website at